JUMBO knotless,boxbraids,twist $120
LARGE knotless,boxbraids,twist $135
MEDIUM knotless,boxbraids,twist $165
SMALL knotless,boxbraids,twist $200
MICRO knotless,boxbraids,twist $300
FEED-IN buns & ponytails $85-$160
FEED-IN Fulani braids with knotless $140-$300
FEED-IN braid styles $85-$300
ADD-ONS boho curls $20reg $30fuller $40extrafull
ADD- ON beads $15

Hair & child expectations- must be washed and blown dried no grease or oils. has to be atleast 3 inches long. 3. child has to be able get their hair done no tenderheaded kids accepted at this time. 


0.after booking you will be contacted through phone for more detail of style and deposit cashapp.

1. No plus 1s.

2. Bring a bag for child to have a ,tablet or phone & charger, food & or snacks, blanket, beads & accessories for style if so.

3. Hair is provided besides boho curls, and edge control is also provided.

4. $30 deposit upon scheduling Appointment non-refundable unless I cancel for any reason.

5.after sending deposit you will be giving a conformation text for appointment date, time & address.

6. Appointment is canceled after 15 minutes Of being late.

7.can only book any type of knotless fri-sun

8. Availability dates & times for month below updated frequently. 

9.Thank you for booking!